Bia Mara

Born on the streets of Dublin with the idea to evolve fish and chips to something different, Bia Mara is offering more than 60 recipes using only seasonal fresh and high-quality products.


Hook broke down the classic fish and chips dish into all of its basic ingredients, and built it back up again with big portions of extra love and care to ensure every single part of the dish was of the highest quality, and sourced from the absolute best suppliers.

Le Conteur

Designed as a lively bistro and urban hub, Le Conteur sits within the lobby of the city’s forthcoming Le Commérage Hotel. The restaurant stays true to its Eastern Mediterranean roots with a stylish, yet laid-back atmosphere. Its interiors blend European eclectic design with contemporary touches and plenty of colors.

Peck Family

The Pecks are a hip location where you can enjoy fresh juices and homemade cake. You can count on good value for money for the fair trade and beautifully presented food and drinks. They are the ideal place for a nice juice and snack or a full breakfast/brunch. The smoothie bowls match the cheerful terrace with the colourful appearance. Of course, you can also opt for a delicious waffle, piece of cake or a healthy wrap. All dishes are recommended and it will not be easy to choose!