Our Company

Everland specialises in all sectors of residential property. Its projects are divided into two sectors of activity: the development and management of building projects in the one hand, and on the other hand hospitality management. For all of its projects, Everland provides added value with its innovative concepts and rigorous management.

Our Vision

Everland has a passion: the city. Based upon this premise, we seek to make life in the city more creative, more fun, and more inspiring. In this undertaking we can call upon a significant track record, crowned with awards. The Everland approach combines dynamism, curiosity, and rigour, and has been proven in a number of countries and in a variety of markets. Finally, we would emphasise the vertical integration aspect of the Everland process, which enables us to control the implementation, quality and timing of our projects.


Since 2006, Everland develops and manages residential building projects that also enhance the city. Our philosophy is to provide added value to existing sites through strong, innovative concepts and professional standards of management. Everland seeks to re-think the city, to make it more optimistic and stimulating. An entire programme that we invite you to discover!