Managing large properties in Europe
Brussels – Paris – Rome
Unique Design Concepts
From cozy boutique hotels to trendy heritage hotels
Creation of Unique Food Stories
Brussels – London – Paris – Rome
Re-inventing buildings
Retrofitting, adaptive re-use and repurposing of heritage locations

“Fleur de Ville”

Our boutique hotel, set in a historic Brussels building, offers a unique escape, blending the city’s charm with a luxurious retreat.

“Cardo Rome”

uilt on the fundamentals of Western Culture, the hotel is both ancient and never goes out of style. Quite like Italian couture. The service is reminiscent of the old Roman days, where hospitality was considered an art form. 

“Cardo Brussels”

Immerse yourself in a whole new hotel experience. We bring hospitality alive with art, reflection, and a splash of quick wit. In the exciting, colourful capital of Europe, Cardo Brussels beckons you in. 

About Our Company

Everland specialises in all sectors of residential property. Its projects are divided into two sectors of activity: the development and management of building projects in the one hand, and on the other hand hospitality management.
For all of its projects, Everland provides added value with its innovative concepts and rigorous management

Everland has a passion: the city. Based upon this premise, we seek to make life in the city more creative, more fun, and more inspiring.
The Everland approach combines dynamism, curiosity, and rigour, and has been proven in a number of countries and in a variety of markets.
Through our sister companies, Everland also develops its activities abroad.
Via Hostels (hotels for young people and backpackers in London and Amsterdam) and Rooms & (a portfolio of 2000 studio flats in London)

Everland transforms buildings with potential into inspiring places. In order to face up to this challenge successfully, various conditions need to be met: the location,  a strong concept and the total command of each stage of the process, from design through to implementation, via communication and marketing. Once projects have been completed, Everland offers a management service, which is a guarantee of quality and of the involvement of the developer.

Everland designs the city as a ‘playground’ in order to offer new experiences. The formula can be encapsulated in just a few words: atmosphere, creativity, quality and management. Discover the premises developed and managed by Everland in Brussels and London.

Everland has a passion: the city.
Based upon this premise, we seek to make life in the city more creative, more fun, and more inspiring.

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